Kids Room Inspiration- Crystals, Gold & Teal

I love decorating kids’ rooms! My tip is to go crazy with colors and patterns, because you’re only limited by your imagination. Studies have shown that colors can stimulate creativity, excitement, and all around happy kids (I may have added that last part)!

This week, I worked with a friend, who wanted to surprise her daughter with a room make over. The idea started with a Teal paint chip and ended in WOW!


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Babies on the Brain?

I’ve never been one to sit still. My hands always have to be busy doing something. My grandmother likes to joke that even when I was a kid I would never JUST watched TV. I’d be drawing, painting, or creating something. This still holds true for my adult self. Even now as I type this post, I’m partially watching Jeopardy.

Recently, I’ve got babies on the brain. Continue reading “Babies on the Brain?”

They’ll be some changes ’round here….

Good morning!
Like many of you, my passions aren’t linear. I find enjoyment in fashions as well as travel, crafting, cooking, design and occasionally wood working. Yes, I said wood working! For these reasons, I’m switching it up on the blog to share more of me with you. The site and all my social media platforms will be changed @ItsLeiMarie (that’s me). I hope you enjoy the changes and new content! Be sure to leave a comment, so I know you stopped by!

Lei Marie

Carry On-Tips for Traveling While Curvy

Hey Curvinistas,

It’s been a minute, because I went to Europe for two weeks and I’m just now getting back into the swing of things. My travels took me to Rome and the Greek Isles. If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you saw the islands were beyond amazing! Now as much as I just wanted to relax, I couldn’t help but notice some possible challenges of traveling while curvy. Continue reading “Carry On-Tips for Traveling While Curvy”